A Sunset Walk Along My Peninsula Home

Craig and I have always enjoyed walking. We could do it for hours.

It is such a great time to explore, unwind, talk  and dream. Wherever we live we find a beautiful walking trail we adopt as our local.

Here is our local Peninsula walking trail which goes from Umina Beach to Ettalong Beach on the Central Coast region of  NSW (1 hour North of Sydney).

A round trip takes us about an hour. The other evening the sun was setting, it was so peaceful and serene, and my camera was handy to take some photos.


Ettalong beach walk

Ettalong beach walk

Peninsula home Central Coast

Ettalong Beach

umina to ettalong beach walk

sunset walk ettalong

Box head Ocean Beach

Ettalong beach fishing

Picking flowers on beach walk

Box head Ettalong

Kalyra and Craig at sunset

Lion's head
Lion Island

Lion's head Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Lions island

Umina Beach

Umina and Ocean Beach

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18 Comments on “A Sunset Walk Along My Peninsula Home”

  1. Your post makes me homesick! My home in my hometown is near a beach. I sure miss the time where I could just take a stroll along the beach any day of the week!

    Thanks for sharing! It’s great to see that you’re stopping to “smell the flowers” and taking notice of the flora on your stroll :)

    • Kalyra always makes sure that we stop to smell the flowers. She always picks me one which I think is so sweet.

  2. Not too shabby is it?! I bet most people would like to travel there, not get away from it:)

    • Well…. Not a lot of people do like to travel here. there is’t much else to do here. But the walk is beautiful

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  4. That was one thing that I missed in Honduras – just being able to get outside and WALK! We lived in a bit of a sketchy area so I never felt comfortable doing that (and, with a torn achilles tendon!)

    Now, in Ireland, it is pure bliss to just get out and stroll! :)

    • Ireland is great for walking. We never had a car so we would walk everywhere. We only lived about a 30 min walk to the city centre and I would walk an hour and a half to work every day. I loved it. Kept me trim and fit too

  5. I can totally understand why you enjoy walking along this area. I’ve found since I’ve been back at home (Fredericton, Canada) for a few weeks I’m really appreciating the peace & quiet & natural beauty of the environment that was often missing when I was backpacking in Asia. However, I know that within just a matter of days/weeks I’ll be willing to trade it in – wishing I was resting my sleepy head on a pillow in Bangkok or Hong Kong :P

    • We hear ya there! While we understand how pretty the walk is there is nothing we crave more than to put our head on a pillow in Bangkok. You need more in your life than just pretty walks :) Enjoy your hometown for now though

  6. It’s easy to keep up your walking routine when you have a great trail like that. Nice photos!

    • Thanks. it is really pretty. It’s easy to not really appreciate it when you have grown up in the area.

  7. Wow – how lucky!

  8. Very nice! Thanks :-)
    This actually looks a lot like the coastline of Nagasaki. Have you guys ever been to Japan?

    • No we haven’t. Would really like to though. We’ve heard so many great things about it.

  9. It’s been awhile since I walked along the beach with my family. I totally envy your pictures and the beach along with it. I’ve been missing Sydney forever. The last time I went to NSW was last year with my Husband and daughter and they had fun. We went along Grand Pacific Drive and the coastal views were amazing. I hope I can go back there again.

  10. I love to go Fishing and walking with friends in Peninsula , I get an international holiday packages to Australia and finally getting home.

  11. There are no words to describe the pictures you take each time. I have seen many of your blogs and I always observe the creativity in the pictures; the way you describe them is cool. I feel like reading all the blogs in one day. I envy you :P !! I am eagerly waiting for a good package to Australia.

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