31 Things We Have Never Told You

That’s Caz in the picture above, riding the mechanical bull at City Limits Saloon Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She loves to do shit like that!

But unless you’ve grown up with her, travelled with her, or been out on the town with us, you wouldn’t know that. In fact, there’s probably a lot of things you don’t know about us.

We’ve been blogging for 12 months now, yep, y Travel Blog is officially one year old this April. And if there’s one thing we wanted to incorporate into our blog from the get go, it was to be fully transparent.

Here is our original logo picture for our site, and still one of our favorite photos, from Zion National Park in Utah…

Zion National Park, UTAH

From day one we’ve focused on building a brand and finding our voice in the community.

We’re very conscious of being genuine, and we like to think that when people meet us offline, what they get is what they see online, just more beer :)

People really do follow people, and we want people to follow us who not only get inspired by our stories and words, but people who can connect with us on a personal level.

And whilst our site has lots of useful travel tips and advice on travel planning and working abroad, our blog and Facebook Fanpage is just as much a ‘personality site’ as anything.

y Travel Blog
I’m a Zulu warrior in South Africa

When we wrote our 6 month old post we talked about how we got started, some personal challenges, and some big thank yous to those in the blogging community.

It’s been a fun and interesting ride.

Some have even questioned our blog’s credibility saying y Travel Blog has no depth and we aren’t really experienced travelers!

This post, however, is much more lighthearted with some wild and wacky facts about us. Just like in the real world, there are people you naturally click with and are attracted to.

People are increasingly drawn towards blogs and social media channels for their travel advice and inspiration.

They want the first person account. They want to see pictures, videos, and read stories of others who have been there done that.

They want the good and the bad. You can also tell them about the experiences not to put on your bucket list.

y Travel Blog

Sossovlei sand dunes, Namibia, Africa

Ok, there’s no turning back now. I promised some light heartedness and personal facts. Here we go:

1. We both grew up in a town called Woy Woy.

It’s a one hour train ride north of Sydney, and exactly half way between Sydney and Newcastle. It’s so good they named it twice.

2. I’m 37 and Caz is 35.

I’m a Virgo and she’s a Libran. And soon with the arrival of our second daughter, it will be three Virgos vs one Libran. I like those odds, considering it will be three females vs mwah.

3. I still have baby teeth.

Yep, front and center on the bottom row. It’s just as well I have a big bottom lip to hide them. They’re very loyal, even sticking around with me through 15 years of contact sport and not wearing a mouth guard (I hate things in my mouth and gag easily).

4. Caz is a primary school teacher by profession.

She has taught in Sydney, London, Dublin, Bangkok, and Raleigh, North Carolina. One of her most memorable classes was teaching the minority children in Ireland. Just think of the movie Snatch with Brad Pitt.

y Travel Blog
Teaching in London, 1997

5. I played Rugby League professionally.

From 1990-96 for the North Sydney Bears. And in 1991 for the Australian schoolboys. It taught me about self-discipline, team work, and how to prepare mentally and physically. I’m fourteen years post retirement now and still walking around feeling the effects.

6. We’ve both done shitty jobs in the past.

My first was at 15 working for KFC. I told them to shove it after 2 months when they rostered me on for New Years eve. There was a big beach party on and I had my priorities in order, even back then :-0

7. The first time I met Caz I thought she was a dumb blonde who stunk of fish.

She was working one of her first jobs at the local fish and chip takeaway across from the local pub. Turns out, she’s pretty intelligent, and I hope both our little girls get her brains and not mine!

8. We both think each other has a massive nose.

And constantly argue over who has the biggest. You be the judge…

y Travel Blog

9. I’ve had  five operations.

Shoulder reconstruction. Knee reconstruction. Hernia. Patella tendon clean out. Broken thumb put back into place. All from playing sport.

10. Caz broke her arm on Christmas day when she was eight.

Her sister kicked her up the butt and she fell off the front porch.

11. Our first dance was to Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin” from Jerry McGuire fame.

It was at the local pub, the Golden Nugget Saloon Bar. Classy place as you could imagine, and she had me at hello…

12. Our first date was to the local pizza place followed by DVD’s.

Apparently I picked her up in my filthy dirty car filled with left over take away food wrappers and old clothes? Doesn’t seem like the Virgo in me, I hate mess. I’ve cleaned up my act since then.

13. Caz believes in clairvoyants.

She was told how we would meet, amongst other things *sigh*.

14. We bought a house together after just a couple of months.

Is that normal? We don’t do normal.

15. We did not have sex on our wedding night.

We had a party to attend. We were leaving on our 5 year open ended honeymoon around the world just two days after our wedding. Instead of finishing up the reception at 11pm, we hired out the local rugby hall to party the night away with our friends.

I still remember quite vividly the both of us walking into McDonald’s for breakfast at 7am the next morning on our way home, still in wedding dress and suit, covered in red wine of course.

16. We fight. And fairly often.

Marriage is tough, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Particularly when you’ve been living out of each other’s pockets the past 9 years traveling the world together.

But it’s made us incredibly strong as a couple and we are best mates.

y Travel Blog

at the beer fest in Raleigh, North Carolina

17 . Caz touched Lenny Kravitz

yep, those world famous dread locks and his legs at a concert in Sydney.

18. Our daughter ‘Kalyra’ is named after a winery.

No, we’re not alcoholics. They go to meetings. Kalyra Winery is located near Santa Barbara in California and we came across it on our travels.

It’s run by two Aussie guys and the word ‘Kalyra’ is an Australian aboriginal word meaning…”a wild and pleasant place”.

We immediately loved the meaning of the word, it’s unique, we love the sound, and it relates to our travel memories! Kalyra really lives up to her name, too…

Kalyra winery

19. Craig’s pet peeves

cafes that don’t have any power outlets anywhere. Caz munching on food in my ear (is there a more annoying noise in the world?). Oh, and pubic hair on the soap.

20. Caz’s pet peeves

People who are rude and arrogant. People who travel and want everything like it is back home. And when dinner goes horribly wrong.

21. We both love music.

But can’t sing for shit.

Favorite concerts so far have been U2 at Wembley in London, Rolling Stones and Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Robbie Williams at Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ben Harper at the Greek Theartre in LA, Michael Jackson in Sydney, Bon Jovi in Dublin, Jack Johnson in Raleigh.

y Travel Blog
Jack Johnson concert in Raleigh, North Carolina

22. I’m very competitive

Especially when it comes to sport. You will often find me screaming at the TV. Caz thinks I have anger management issues. I call it PASSION!

23. We’ve lived in:

Woy Woy-NSW, Mooloolaba-Queensland, Broome-Western Australia, Bangkok, London, Dublin, and Raleigh-North Carolina.

24. We have a great big family base.

Everyone loves each other, and no one has gone completely mental.

25. Two days ago we were meant to have a baby.

But, this time it wasn’t meant to be.

25. We like to drink.

Beer and wine mostly. But I’m staring at a commemorative bottle of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 on my shelf, purchased from the distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Think we’ll crack it after the birth of our second daughter in August.

26. In-case you haven’t noticed yet.

We really enjoy a fun, drunken, week­end. I had two bachelor parties. And Caz can hold her own with the best of them.

27. I’ve been the only white person to visit a town.

On a remote part of Nias Island, Indonesia

feeling like a rock star in Indonesia

28. We tutored a Buddhist monk in Bangkok.

It only lasted two lessons. Don’t think he felt it appropriate having so much contact with a woman.

29. We think we heard a Vietnamese guy get killed one night.

It was during our climb to the top of Mt Fansipan in Northern Vietnam near Sapa.

On our second night, our guides decided to get incredibly drunk on rice wine, started singing Ho Chi Ming war songs, got into an all in brawl, and then we heard and saw this loud thump.

One of them hit another with a large log, and was carried off into the dark of the night never to be seen again.

30. Today we have been together for eleven years.

There’s never been a dull moment. We’ll drink to that.

31. We love being parents.

And don’t take anything for granted. Appreciate what you have, and if you’re still trying, NEVER stop believing!

y Travel Blog
at Hermosa Beach, California

Thanks for read­ing all the way through. We know that we don’t appeal to every­one, and that’s OK.

The one thing we do know in life is that you can’t be all things to all people, and there’s no point in trying.  Take it or leave it. To learn more about us and our travels visit here.

We’re very thankful for all our readers, and appreciate your support.

Remember, life is to be lived, and it’s all about creating great memories.

Make your life a story to tell and be like Nike…JUST DO IT.

Craig Makepeace is the founder of yTravel Blog and has been traveling the world since 2002, first with his wife Caz, and now with his two daughters. Get his free email series on the 4 best ways to reduce travel costs. Follow him on Google+

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  1. I’m sure you’ve heard it millions of times, but you have *the* cutest little girl I’ve ever seen!!

    • Hi Gemma….Thanks. We are very grateful for our daughter and the best thing is she’s just as beautiful on the inside.

  2. As a fellow Aussie, I love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures as a family, guys. To put it simply, you guys are awesome, that is all. :D

    • G’day Justin, us Aussies are a little out numbered as travel bloggers. I guess we are all too busy travelling. Thanks for your kind words about our blog. Are you in Oz currently? Would be great to hook up sometime.

  3. I love your blog and feel that it’s a great community! Thanks for the insights! Cheers!

    • Hey Gillian…Building a fun community is important to us because that’s what we like to be associated with in the offline world as well. Cheers!

  4. What a cute post, guys. It’s great getting to know u guys better.

    • Hey Jack and Jill…Thanks. Probably could have added more but needed to cap it somewhere, lol. Cheers!

  5. This is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing! So many thoughts on this so not sure where to start.

    I’m competitive like Craig. As you can tell from our conversations on here, Twitter, and FB, I am pretty passionate as well! :)

    Both your noses are completely fine – not big at all (you should see a REALLY big nose – neither of you have them). However, Caz’s is bigger than Craig’s. On the flip side, Craig’s ego will probably always be bigger than Caz’s! :)

    So sorry to hear about the baby (left my comments on Caz’s post).

    Yes, marriage is tough. Fights happen. It’s hard work and it isn’t easy. Those who haven’t been married or haven’t been with someone for a long time have no idea.

    • Ahh Jeremy, I guess I do have a bit of a big ego, not kanye big, but it’s there, lol.

      I guess our noses aren’t that big, it’s just been a running joke of ours. Looking forward to talking smack with you once college football rolls around again!

  6. I loved reading this, you guys are an amazing couple and family. I have only known of you for a short time through your blog and can already tell you would be the type of couple I would love to sit down and have a drink with.

    And OMG Caz, I can’t believe you touched Lenny Kravitz! My husband is well aware of my on going crush and love for him. I guess you could say he is my free pass! I have seen him in concert several times, but never had the opportunity to touch him, you lucky thing!

    • G’day Audrey,

      Thanks and we would really love to catch up with you guys in the future, maybe in your awesome Rocky Mountains. We never quite made it to Canada after 4 years in the US, but we will get there!

      I’ve been hearing about this Lenny Kravitz experience from day one, but, if it was Brad Pitt, her favorite, now that would be painful for me!

  7. awe you guys are great. congrats on you 11 year anniversary and may many more sets of 11 years follow :)
    PS – GO VIRGOS! I’m 9/9 :-P

    • Lauren,

      YES!….Virgos rule! Kalyra is 9/10 and I am 9/15 and our other little one is arriving end of August, lol

  8. Adriana

    Beautiful post!! I loved it!

  9. sarah wu

    Aww Its a cute post, after reading these, I feel I get to know you more.

    • Hey Sarah, I had a lot of fun writing it actually. So many other things to add but will save for another time. Cheers!

  10. Cute and very enjoyable post. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with us all. It is nice to “know” people since we only really “know” each other over this cyber space world. Looking forward to many years of great posts for you both.

    • Hey Debbie,

      Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for dropping by. We would love to meet each and everyone offline if we could. But until then, we’ll do our best to be as open as possible online.

  11. This post is too funny! Love seeing something from Craig on here too (of course, I always enjoy Caz’s posts as well!!).

    You’re totally a jerk for #7… she proved you wrong didn’t she?! ;) Happy anniversary on the blog and meeting each other! Glad I’ve had a chance to connect with you guys!

    • Annie,

      I guess it’s about time I popped my head in here. Spending too much time on Facebook. And yeah, I was a jerk for pre-judging on #7. I’ve grown up since then, promise!

      And it’ been great connecting with you online too. Let’ meet up over a few pints, I know some awesome pubs in Dublin. Interested???

  12. Nice collection of random tidbits and cool experiences! It’s always good to get to know you better! :)

    And I’m so, so sorry about the lost babe. I know that’s never easy, I hope you are getting the comfort and love you need to get through this. *hugs*

    • Hey Dalene,

      Cheers for the thoughts. Things like that are never easy, but have a lot of great people around us.

  13. I’m still laughing at your soap pet peeve, Craig! Really loved this post, there’s a reason why people are so receptive to you, because you’re both so open and friendly to everyone else! Congrats on so many milestones, 1st bloggerversary, 11th wedding anniversary, etc.!

    One thing you didn’t know about me: I have Aussie blood in me through my Grandma, and lots of fam still there. Dying to see your beautiful country!

    • Hi Christine…I’m still laughing too and can’t believe I wrote that. Anyways, it does peeve me off! Thanks for the kind words, looking forward to the day we meet in person, we are dying to come back to Europe!

      However, considering you have Aussie blood, you must have good passport and visa options to come stay down under! Come on down…

  14. Congrats on the one year anniversary! It’s nice to read a post like this, that really shares some fun personal things about you both.
    Hope you keep travelling and blogging for a long time to come :)

    • G’day Ken,

      Thanks mate, appreciate that. BTW, just read your lucky13 interview. Very cool. Love to catch up sometime over a few beers and bang heads over sport, and photography!

      We’re not hockey fans, but we lived in Raleigh for 4 years and were there in 06 when the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup. Was awesome! Redkneck hockey didn’t rule for long though, they haven’t done much since, lol. BTW, we are huge Carolina fans in Basketball/Football. Prefer it over the pros actually!

  15. Just love this post. So sad about your loss and grief. Hoping for much comfort and hope for you. Happy 11 years together!! That’s fantastic. :-) I’m so glad you write each day and share your lives with us. Don’t listen to those buggers and naysayers. Your readers love you. :-)

    • Hi Krista,

      It was sad as it was unexpected. But we already have an amazing daughter and are due again late August so very grateful for that. Thanks for the thoughts.

  16. Nicole @ WomanSeeksWorld

    How could you NOT be everyones cup of tea?! Love your blog and love this post especially – thanks for the inspiration! : )

  17. happy anniversary!!! 1 year & 11 years!!! love that you did this- great learning more about you both. and #13? i’m with you caz! 3rd generation psychic go-er and grandma used to read my cards ;)

    • Hey Lorna,

      Caz tries to get me to a clairvoyant all the time. Have palmed it off so far. Maybe I’ll do it one day, but would rather spend the 20bucks on a few beers lol…

  18. Hahaha, this post is fun! I love your honesty. Can we go for beers sometime, please?

    • G’day Candice,

      I’m terrible at lying so have to be honest. Did you say beer? I have an appointment at 4pm, so anytime and anywhere after that, lol

  19. Lovely! I might have to steal this idea for my own blog. Feel like you guys are much more human to me now!

  20. Loved this post! It’s always fun getting to know the little details about bloggers I really enjoy following.

    And, happy anniversary! (Both of the blog, and of you two as a couple!)

    • Hey Amanda,

      Cheers for that. And congrats again on winning that trip to New Zealand!…will be awesome.

  21. Fun to learn more about you guys! Congrats on the one year blog anniversary, and congrats on the new baby on the way!

  22. This is such a great post guys, as they all are! :-) That’s crazy about the guy on Mt. Fanzipan!! I suppose drinking at mountain climbing shouldn’t be mixed… Oh and I think Caz definitely has the bigger nose! :-P

    Happy anniversary guys!

    • Aaron…awesome that you also vote for Caz as the biggest snoz! Love it. Yes mountain climbing and drinking is not a good mix, especially shots of rice wine. Nasty stuff that!

  23. hehe too many funny thing. I love your daughter’s name btw, and she’s so cute :]
    That’s kind of hilarious about the wedding night, the war about your noses :p
    Great post, and CONGRATS on blogging for one year!! I wish you luck on many more years =D

  24. Who said you guys weren’t experienced travelers? Madness! Great one-year post! So many good tidbits of information in there.

  25. Siobhan Kindness

    nice post – all the best to you four! =)

  26. Fun getting to know more about you guys. Congrats on 11 years together! Since you’ve been traveling together that’s more like the equivalent of 33 years together isn’t it? :)

  27. happy anniversary… wishing you more blogging years and more adventures to come :-)

  28. I LOVE that you get your daughter involved in travelling with you guys… I wish my parents travelled with me when I was a kid, unfortunately I had to wait until I was 20 to ever leave the country, and since then, I’ve made an effort to make sure I leave every year, sometimes not coming back for a year at a time! Nice post :D

    • Hi Lynda,

      Kalyra doesn’t have a choice, she chose us, lol. That’s great that you are now so active in travelling abroad!

  29. You named Kalyra after a winery?! Pure, pure class! Excellent. Lovely to find out more about you guys.

    • Theodora, what else did you expect? ha ha. Gives us a GREAT excuse to take her there when she turns 18, lol. And, at the time she was the only Kalyra in the world, we Googled it!

  30. Cool post… I still regret never getting to see Michael Jackson live!

    • Hey Scott,

      Know matter how weird the life of Michael Jackson’s seemed, as a live entertainer he was unbelievable.

  31. Loved learning such fun and interesting things about you and Caz. Being a Virgo myself, happy to know that your new baby girl will be one, too. So cool how you chose the name “Kalyra” for your daughter.

    By the way, I think you both have nice noses.

    • Hello Cathy, you fellow virgo you, ha ha. Yes we love Kalyra’s name, it’s so perfect for her and you will see one day when we meet.

  32. Love this post and it inspires me to think that after my wife and I finish our Masters and begin our serious traveling that we can continue to make a lifetime experience from it.

    • G’day Cornelius,

      Well that’s just great that you found inspiration from this post to travel. That’s what makes us happier than anything, inspiring others! Rock on…

  33. Ahhh, the cool and weird things you learn about your fellow friends through blogs… lol. Pretty nice list. I had a good laugh at some of them.

    I think Caz has a bigger nose (based on picture) but is not massive… at all.

    What?! It would be freaky if I heard a Vietnamese guy (or anyone) get killed!

    C’mon… #25… everybody knows you two love to drink!! :)

  34. I loved your post, it’s great to get to know other travelers through their honesty and funny pieces. I am so sorry about your baby. I pray that you have the support and love you need as you heal.

  35. Putting it all out on front street!

    “In-case you haven’t noticed yet. We really enjoy a fun, drunken, week end.”

    We noticed. :)

    Great post.

  36. Ha, my biggest pet peeve is also hearing someone chew in my ear! Or not in my ear – some people chew so loudly you can hear them across the room. I have no problem growling at people who do that, lol.

    Really enjoyed reading this – I felt like I was getting the secret inside scoop. ;)

    • Hi Christy – yep Craig growls and yells at me all the time when I’m munching away ha ha…

  37. I think your noses are exactly the same size. And neither is big, they’re just right! Fun list to read and learn more about you two. :)

  38. Craig, “cafes that don’t have any power outlets anywhere” is my pet peeve, too!

    • Lauren…the downstairs part of Starbucks in Darling Harbour was the last place that peeved us! We had a great window seat, could have kicked back for ages, but had no battery life, aargh!!!

  39. Good one guys, and you’ve got the hang of it with this-“Marriage is tough, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”
    Totally agree….and yes the make up sex is the best ever! I think that’s why she provokes a fight….

    Sorry about the baby Caz and Craig. That’s tough.

    • Craig just can’t get enough of me Jim! Now you’ve made me realize why he is always antagonizing me :)

  40. Wow you guys have had a lot of great adventures as individuals and as a couple. Like what some have already mentioned I feel like I know a lot more about you guys. Definitely dropping by more often! As for Kalyra, it happens to be one of my favorite wineries in Santa Barbara. I love their Chardonnay!

    • Hey Grace – that is SO cool that you know of Kalyra winery. We loved their wines and really loved the aboriginal dot art work they have on their bottles as labels. When we were living in North Carolina, we tried to order from them, but they only ship to certain states. Must be a state alcohol law thing??? But we will be back in the Santa Barbara area soon!

  41. I’ve had a tab open with this post in it for days, but I’ve been short of time. I knew I wanted to read it though! And I was right. It’s a great post, and the things you mention are the things which keep me regularly reading your blog and a couple more, whilst I just skim others. If I need travel tips, then I’ll just look them up when I need them. I know you guys do that too, but your blog is so down-to-earth and personal, which makes me much more interested, despite a big age gap here! You’re much more likely to convert me to something by example than by trying to be another Anthony Robbins, which seems to be the other trend in travel blogs. I love your philosophy and it tickles me to death that you ever found each other when you are so perfectly matched!

    • Thanks for sticking with us until you found the time to read the post. We really appreciate your support and encouraging words Linda. it really does help us to keep moving forward and doing what we are doing. We wanted to be a lot more than just a travel tips place, as you said you can just google that stuff. We really wanted to build a community of friends here and hopefully inspire people to just do what makes them happy and live their dreams.

  42. Great post – thanks for sharing! I’ll stay out of the nose size argument… ;-)

  43. [...] him, our families none of it made it as real as the few experiences since our wedding. I read how Caz and Craig, of YTravelBlog.com talk of their 11 years together, and not to knock  them or the lessons they shared but no words can make that realization any more [...]

  44. Caz and Craig, many thanks for sharing your story and I feel I have got to know you a lot better after reading this post. I live in Ireland, maybe someday you will have a moment to visit. Here is a funny video you might enjoy about cheap flights http://bit.ly/ghVuvR All the best and enjoy your travels. Rosemary

    • Thanks for enjoying Rosemary. We love Ireland and are always looking for any opportunity to return.

  45. Delighted you have enjoyed time in Ireland. At long last the sun is coming out and we are about to enjoy lunch in an Irish pub. All the best Rosemary

  46. Wow, what a great inspiring story. Sounds like you guys are living the dream :)

  47. Rosemary – What can I say! The photos are absolutely amazing! And I thought zulu warriors are to be seen only on National Geographic. The thing that stands out the most is zest for life that you guys have.

  48. Beautiful post. My husband and I would like to continue traveling together for many more years. How inspiring!

  49. Great story! Looks like you guys are a perfect couple:)

  50. Danielle Drucker

    I’ve been to the winery your daughter is named after many, many times! That’s so awesome you chose to name her after a place in Santa Barbara…what a great place to visit. I’m a local, and if you’re ever in town again I’d be more than happy to give you some tips!First of all, definitely go to La Super Rica Taqueria, second of all, don’t miss out on all the amazing hikes (Seven Falls is my favorite!) Also, get the Quesonachorito at Freebirds…it’s a quesadilla made into a burrito with nachos thrown in! It’s ginormous and delicious. And third of all, don’t be swindled into the expensive hotels, check out a more budget-friendly inn (especially for you backpackers!) I recommend the Sandman Inn (www.thesandmaninn.com) on State. Happy travels guys and keep up the blogging!

  51. You guys make a great couple – I really enjoyed your article.


  52. Just stumbled upon this. Love hearing about your life adventures. Are those three hungry faces in #31 sitting at Hermosa Beach Hennessey’s? That’s one of our favorite beachside restaurants. Two-for-one burger Tuesdays are the best.

    • No, it’s at the Waterhouse bar? I think that is the name of it. Really great place for a sundowner. We have been to Hennessey’s before though. We love Hermosa

  53. Joanne Owens

    You guys rock….so jealous of your varied experiences..I’m 67 & have just started mine. Off to NZ for Eddie Izzard shows in Wellington then to Sydney for a few to meet up with a twitter friend. 2 wks downunder. Never thought I’d do that. Can’t wait.
    Thx for being you. My nose would beat both of yours by a freakin mile. ♥

    • You are never too old to live your dream. good on you! WE’ll have to see your nose in person to check :)

  54. Hey Guys,

    I didn’t really get a chance to talk to you at #pbevent but really enjoyed your panel chat.

    I too have a passion for travel and reading your posts makes me want to pack up my trusty backpack and hit the road with my husband again.
    Looking forward to reading the rest of yTravel!

    Thanks for sharing all your stories with us.



    • Hi Steph!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, we really appreciate it. the #pbevent was lots of fun. I’m so excited you want to pick up that backpack again!! Start planning the next adventure, we’ll help encourage you!! :)

  55. I like your blog very much ,and I’m a chinese ,thanks for your blog to help me finished my homework ,haha

  56. I stumbled upon your blog rather by mistake, I LOVE IT! You 2 are absolutely jenuine. I have a burning desire to travel, can you tel me the best way to go globetrotting with a 4 year old? I will be following your blog and hopefully my son and I will be on our way off to the unknown sooner than I think. Asta la vista and… In bocca al Lupo :-). The world is a better place for having people who believe like you do! x Lia

    • Thanks so much Lia! Welcome to our community.
      Travelling with your four year old depends a lot on where you want to go and what you want to do. It is a much slower sort of travel and your choices now need to be much different. Our four year old Kalyra loves it,but we have to make sure we allow rest time for her and park playing time and other kid fun things. follow along on our blog as we will be talking more about travel with children

  57. Damn, your from woy woy too, ha small world, love your blog by the way, hope you keep up posting.

  58. Hey you guys! Just found your blog today and really enjoying reading your articles and learning a bit about you guys…. Fun fact: I Spring Break’ed in Santa Barbara a few years ago and wine tasted at Kalyra and loved the name as well :) Keep it going!

  59. Read ur blog for the first time n yeah, m loving u guys…. god bless ur fmly…. m hooked on to ur blog!! <3

  60. Ted Johnstone

    Hey guys, I love your blog! I came across the article about how to travel and get out of debt, the two most important things in my life. I will blog in more detail about myself on your main blog site.
    I cannot believe you have not been to Canada!
    Ted Johnstone
    Vancouver, BC

  61. I love your daughter’s name and the meaning behind it. It is so special to have it relate so closely to your travel and lifestyle.
    Meredith@GreenGlobalTravel recently posted..JORDAN: Why I’d Prefer to Forget Visiting the Dead Sea, Jordan
    Meredith@GreenGlobalTravel recently posted..JORDAN: Why I’d Prefer to Forget Visiting the Dead Sea, Jordan

  62. Hahaha, I love that you ended up going to McDonald’s for breakfast the morning after your wedding, still in the dress and suit!
    Catherine recently posted..Quit Your Job, Follow Your Dreams…Be An Artist
    Catherine recently posted..Quit Your Job, Follow Your Dreams…Be An Artist

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